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Artificial Grass Installation


    artificial grass installers

    Artificial Grass Installers In Surrey

    At AS Landscapes we offer artificial grass installation for businesses and homes in Surrey, Windsor, Ascot and surrounding areas. Being certified artificial grass installers, with over 20 years’ experience, you can trust us with any project!

    Artificial grass is a perfect addition to a garden to create an all year round natural looking green lawn. Creating a hardwearing, versatile and low-maintenance garden.


    Why Choose Artificial Grass?

    Artificial grass is a great alternative to normal turf, offering a low maintenance, all year round green turf, that is long lasting. Having artificial grass installed can offer numerous benefits:


    Low maintenance:

    Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance compared to natural grass. There's no need for mowing, watering, fertilising, or pesticide application, saving both time and money.

    Consistent green appearance:

    Artificial grass maintains its green and lush appearance throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions or foot traffic. It eliminates problems like brown patches, bare spots, or uneven growth.


    Artificial turf is designed to withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as playgrounds, sports fields, and residential lawns. It's resistant to fading, tearing, and staining.

    Saves water:

    Artificial grass doesn't require watering, which helps conserve water resources. It contributes to eco-friendly landscaping practices and reduces water bills.


    Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn't produce pollen, making it a suitable option for those with grass allergies.


    Artificial turf can be installed in various locations and environments, including residential gardens, commercial properties, rooftop gardens, and indoor spaces. It's customisable in terms of colour, texture, and thickness, allowing for creative landscaping designs in areas you wouldn’t be able to have natural turf.

    Choosing The Right Artificial Grass For Your Garden

    At AS Landscapes, we offer a range of artificial grass options from our suppliers Neograss and Easigrass, giving customers options, when it comes to the look and feel of the grass.


    The two types of artificial grass we usually suggest and supply for our customers are Inverness & Aberdeen.


    If you’re looking for a soft, durable, and breathtakingly beautiful alternative to natural grass that can withstand the demands of family life, look no further than Aberdeen by NeoGrass.

    This premium product and most popular brand of artificial grass, Aberdeen gives your lawn a lush, natural look and feel that will bring any outdoor space to life.

    Packed full of the latest technology, Aberdeen is the most realistic, longest-lasting and most resilient artificial grass ever created.

    It’s perfect for families with pets, kids, or anyone who wants a low-maintenance lawn that looks great all year round.

    Pile Height – 35mm

    neograss Aberdeen - artificial grass
    Neograss Inverness - artificial grass

    The ultimate short-piled artificial grass. Inverness is a precisely manicured turf that flawlessly mimics freshly cut grass in both look and feel.

    With its 25mm pile and stunning blend of dark and lime green, Inverness is the epitome of high-quality artificial grass. Packed with the latest cutting-edge technology, this meticulously designed turf promises a prize-winning lawn that can withstand heavy foot traffic with ease.

    It’s the perfect choice for families with pets, kids, or anyone who wants a low-maintenance lawn that looks great all year round.

    Pile Height – 25mm


    From Easigrass, the two types of artificial grass we usually suggest and supply for our customers are Mayfair & Belgravia.


    Easigrass Mayfair combines elegance and soft-to-touch luxury with practical durability and longevity, delivering one of the most premium quality artificial grass lawn products available.

    Manufactured using two different shapes of yarn with extra dense supporting infill, this unique artificial grass is suitable for all garden, terrace and domestic applications in the UK.

    Child and pet friendly, Mayfair artificial grass is extremely durable, maintaining a luscious, perfectly-mowed green lawn look year round.

    Pile Height – 50mm

    Easigrass Mayfair - artificial grass
    Easigrass Belgravia - artificial grass

    Belgravia artificial turf will brighten those shaded garden areas to create the natural look and feel of a lush, green lawn.

    We recently re-launched Belgravia with a more radiant green colour within its multi-root zone to create that extra fresh look and feel for your garden.

    Created with a diamond shaped, cushioned yarn, multi-root and fake dead grass infill, this stylish artificial grass is perfect for any shaded garden or terrace in the UK.

    Durable and hardwearing, yet still luxuriously soft in both look and feel. Child and pet friendly.

    Pile Height – 40mm

    Artificial Grass Installation Process

    We want to ensure that our customers understand the step by step process ahead of getting their artificial grass installed. The key stages of our artificial grass installation process are addressed below:

    We will start off with a visit to your home or business to discuss your artificial grass options and to measure, we will run through any customer requirements at this point and we can then provide a fixed price quotation for the artificial grass installation service:

    • Excavation of the proposed area.
    • Installation of any necessary edgings
    • Laying of a suitable permeable subbase of road stone.
    • Spreading, levelling and compaction of a layer of permeable “fines” to give a stable and level base for the artificial grass.
    • Laying of chosen artificial grass
    • Sanding and brushing of the artificial grass on completion
    artificial grass installers
    artificial grass installers near me

    Why Choose AS Landscapes For Your Artificial Turf Installation?

    AS Landscapes are experienced artificial grass installers, and are accredited installers for Neograss, providers of natural looking, industry-leading technology, to provide the best performing and long-lasting lawn.

    AS Landscapes have carried out many artificial grass installations, for small and large gardens in the Surrey area. We want to ensure that we achieve the perfect artificial lawn for all of our customers, whatever your requirements. Whether you want a natural green looking lawn or perfect bright green lawn, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure we create the perfect artificial lawn.

    artificial grass installers surrey

    How Much Does Artificial Turf Installation Cost?

    AS landscapes provide bespoke quotations for each artificial grass installation project. The cost can entirely depend on the artificial grass type. There are several options when it comes to choice of turf, with varying length, softness and shades all being available. We can discuss pricing options before we start on the installation.


    Artificial Grass Maintenance and Up-Keep

    Artificial grass only needs limited maintenance usually comprising of keep fallen leaves and debris from laying on the grass, these can be removed by sweeping. However, we recommend a winter clean up or spring start up, this can be done by using a power brush or broom, this will keep your artificial grass in tip top condition.

    If you have any queries, get in contact with us and one of our landscapers can answer any queries you may have.

    Artificial Grass Installation Quote

    Are you based in Surrey, or surrounding area? Get a quote today to find out how much it will cost to install artificial turf to your garden.


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