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Outdoor Kitchen Designs With BBQ & Installation - Surrey


    Outdoor kitchens provide a versatile and enjoyable way to cook and entertain, seamlessly blending the joys of nature with culinary activities. Featuring specialised appliances and durable materials, these open-air culinary spaces offer a unique experience for grilling, dining, and socialising.

    From built-in grills to weather-resistant countertops, outdoor kitchens cater to the growing trend of transforming rear garden spaces into functional and stylish extensions of the home.

    Outdoor kitchens can range from simple custom BBQ areas to fully equipped kitchens.


    Types Of Outdoor Kitchen

    Brick Outdoor Kitchen

    The durable and weather-resistant nature of brick makes it an ideal choice for creating sturdy and long-lasting outdoor culinary spaces that stand up to the elements while adding warmth and character to the outdoor environment.

    Wood Outdoor Kitchen

    Wood outdoor kitchens offer a warm and inviting aesthetic, bringing a touch of natural beauty to outdoor living spaces. With a variety of wood options like cedar or teak, these kitchens blend functionality with an organic appeal.
    The use of wood not only imparts a classic look but also allows for flexibility in design, allowing homeowners to create a customised outdoor kitchen that reflects their personal style.

    Stone & Concrete Outdoor Kitchens

    Stone and concrete outdoor kitchens provide a robust and enduring solution, combining a sleek, modern aesthetic with exceptional durability.
    The use of materials like granite, slate, or concrete countertops ensures resistance to the elements, making these kitchens well-suited for outdoor settings.
    Beyond their resilience, stone and concrete outdoor kitchens impart a sophisticated, upscale look, creating a stylish and functional space for al fresco cooking and entertaining.


    Outdoor Kitchen With BBQ & Pizza Oven

    Outdoor kitchens with integrated BBQs seamlessly merge the joys of grilling with the convenience of a dedicated culinary space, offering a comprehensive solution for open-air cooking.

    Another feature which is popular to integrate into the outdoor kitchen is a pizza oven, creating a fun, sociable way of cooking.
    These integrated setups often feature built-in grills, storage, and countertops, providing a cohesive and efficient outdoor cooking experience while fostering a social atmosphere for gatherings and events.

    Outdoor Kitchens From AS Landscapes’ Suppliers

    At AS Landscapes, we work closely with Sumo Outdoor who design our outdoor kitchens. We are an approved installer for Sumo, which means we can carry out the installation process once the design has been finalised.

    Outdoor Kitchen Designs

    We work with our customers to produce a full design of the outdoor kitchen, to create your perfect outdoor space, tailored exactly to your needs.

    Sumo offer a full concept design, for a fee of £160.00 incl. vat and this includes the following:

    • A personalised 30-minute concept design consultation over the phone or video call
    • A stunning concept visual design with up to 3 revisions included
    • A thorough analysis of your usable space and practical design suggestions
    • Accurate layout plans for your outdoor kitchen
    • A detailed work-surface plan layout, perfect for getting quotes from work-surface fabricators
    • If you proceed with an order, your design fee will be fully refunded!

    Why Choose AS Landscapes For Your Outdoor Kitchen

    AS Landscapes have years of experience installing and designing gardens and outdoor spaces in the Surrey and surrounding area. Working with suppliers to complete areas of the garden which include furniture or additional luxury features.


    Outdoor Kitchen Projects in Surrey

    Take a look at some of our outdoor kitchen design work.

    Get In Touch To Start Your Outdoor Kitchen Design and Build

    Get in touch with AS Landscapes today to discuss your ideas and needs for your outdoor kitchen area. Whether it be a small kitchen design or a full kitchen with lots of appliances.