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How a garden redesign can transform the look of your outdoor space

By November 10, 2023November 27th, 2023No Comments

Redesigning your garden brings about a huge number of positives, from meaning your household spends more time there to encouraging wildlife and enhancing the worth of your home. (Landscaping can boost values by up to 20%.)

Quite simply, the link between wellbeing and nature means you will just feel better as a result of having an improved outdoor space. What’s more, if you design your garden with wildlife habitats in mind, you can give more species than you realised a home, while creating a host of environmental benefits.

And, apart from anything else, a well-designed garden is just easier to maintain than one that isn’t.

Garden redesign service

With a gardening redesign service, you can create a space to suit your own tastes and lifestyle, and give you the perfect outdoor area to enjoy with family and friends, and in which to entertain people.

So it’s a big project which can make a significant difference to your quality of life. But, initially, it can seem rather overwhelming, and certainly it’s not a decision you’d want to rush or take lightly.

Things to consider before getting your garden redesigned:

  • Once you’ve made your decision to go for a redesign, start your research as soon as possible.
  • Professional garden design services are most likely to get you the best results – do your research carefully to find a provider you like and trust. For the most popular designers, you may have to join a waiting list.
  • If you’re doing major works as part of your garden redesign, it’s always a good idea to warn neighbours of any potential disruption in advance.
  • Think about what you will be using you garden for, as well as when you’re most likely to be using it – that will help the garden designer to do the work at the best time of year for you.

Equally, bear in mind the difference between garden redesign and landscaping. The latter doesn’t just have to take place in manor houses or grand parks. It can take place in regular homes too, and may involve a body of water, trees, features such as fountains plus well thought out foliage. The idea is to create a dramatic look blending science, nature, art and so on in a single place, so that you have a peaceful, attractive garden. And it’s a concept that dates all the way back to eighteenth-century France.

Garden redesign from AS Landscapes

At Surrey-based, award-winning AS Landscapes, we cover all of the county as well as parts of Hampshire and Berkshire, including Ascot and Windsor plus the surrounding areas.

We bring an outstanding level of workmanship to our garden design service, offering our customers extensive experience, expertise and knowledge.

Our garden redesign service comprises the following stages:

  • An initial meeting before we supply a design brief and quote you a price.
  • A meeting with our designer and a survey.
  • We send over budgets and an initial picture of the design for you to comment on and approve.
  • We’ll then come up with a draft plan, including all hard landscaping elements like walling and paving. It will also include aspects including pergolas and water features.
  • Next, during the construction phase, we’ll bring your design to life.
  • Finally, we can quote to plant your garden post-construction, and suggest plants based on the particular site plus your preferences.

Get in touch today to learn more.