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Garden planning: put in the spadework during the winter and be all set for spring and summer

By December 22, 2023March 22nd, 2024No Comments

At this time of year, you’re no doubt busy planning for the Christmas and New Year break and focusing on keeping warm and staying indoors. And as you’re probably spending less time in the garden for now, it’s understandable that your outdoor patch may not seem an immediate priority.

However, the winter can actually be a key season for gardeners in terms of planning ahead and budgeting for warmer weeks.

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The reasons why it’s a great idea to get your landscaping done before the summer:

  • Your less likely to need your garden

Make no mistake, major landscaping works can involve some fairly significant upheaval at your property, such as excavation. This can be quite an inconvenience if it’s nice and warm and you want to be enjoying it on your patio or on a sun lounger. Additionally, you’re more likely to want to be entertaining outside in spring and summer with barbecues and the like. Getting your garden revamp done in the winter removes this problem at a stroke.

  • Better availability of materials

When it’s warmer, many garden landscapers often find they have to book well ahead to ensure they have all the materials they need, since spring and summer are clearly the periods of greatest demand. There’s also frequently greater flexibility in terms of when suppliers can deliver goods. Get the job done when it’s cooler and there will be less pressure on vendors of materials, and fewer chances of hold-ups.

  • Conditions are better than you may have thought

When the mercury dips, it actually becomes more comfortable to labour outdoors, provided you wrap up in plenty of layers. It’s certainly more pleasant than having to toil away at heavy work through a heatwave!

What’s more, nearly all garden revamps, from patios to decking or fencing, need some form of excavation work. And while you may have thought that the ground might be too hard for significant work in winter time, actually winter and autumn rains can soften the earth, so that it becomes more possible to dig, making the job easier and quicker. The summer’s heat can actively make the job of digging harder.

  • It’s all ready for you to enjoy come the summer

Get major works done when the temperature drops and then, as soon as things start to warm up, you’re all ready to get out there and enjoy your newly landscaped garden and show it off to friends and family.

  • Better for wildlife

A wintertime garden project causes the least possible disruption for wildlife. That’s because birds aren’t nesting and bees aren’t foraging, butterflies aren’t around and hedgehogs have all hibernated. So big garden jobs can often be completed more quickly as a result.

  • Shorter waiting lists

Given that many start planning their garden revamp around February, as the better weather beckons, landscaping professionals are often busiest between March and September. The best companies will have a queue of customers all keen to have their garden made over.

Plan ahead, get works done over the winter and enjoy all of spring and summer in your new outdoor space.


Plan your new garden with AS Landscapes

So now is the ideal time to be planning and budgeting for your garden project, ready for 2024. AS Landscapes covers Surrey, Ascot, Windsor and the surrounding areas. We’re members of the Association of Professional Landscapers, and provide a full range of landscaping services, from turfing and artificial grass, to patios and decking, driveways, walls and brickwork plus fencing, planting schemes and overall design.

Get in touch today to discuss your garden revamp, and to get the ball rolling with a no-obligation quote.