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The benefits of adding decking to your garden

By February 23, 2024April 15th, 2024No Comments

Decking is built at ground level to create a flat surface, making it ideal for anyone looking to level their garden. Indeed, it will make all of your outdoor space appear more finished, and is attractive while also serving a practical purpose. You can have it freestanding or attached to your house, and it can either be single-level or a more complex affair involving railings, steps and balustrades. In recent years, a greater variety of design styles for decking has become available.

It will also provide an unfiltered view of what lies beyond it – i.e. your garden.

Equally, decking represents a good investment in your home and outdoor space, albeit a relatively modestly priced one. And if you’re looking at selling up at some point, it’s something that can significantly add to the value of your home.

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Benefits of adding decking to your garden:

  • It creates additional living and socialising space

With its sturdy structure, decking provides the ideal spot on which to place garden furniture. This presents an appealing feature to potential buyers if you’re thinking of moving. Meanwhile, you’ll also create the perfect area for entertaining on balmy summer evenings, whether you’re hosting a family gathering or having a group of friends round.

  • Little to no maintenance

Over the course of decking’s lifetime, very little (to no) maintenance is needed. The occasional once-over with a mop or jet wash is all that’s necessary to tackle the algae which can sometimes make the surface slippery to walk over during the winter months.

  • Flexibility

Wooden decking is highly versatile. You don’t have to have it just outside the back door, although many homeowners choose to place theirs there. You can also build it, for example, around ponds or other water features or the point in your garden which receives the most sun.

  • Speedy to install but long-lasting

Depending on the amount of space you have, you can fit decking in a matter of weeks. So it’s far more quickly installed than, say, a patio. Yet, with the right care, such as stealing or staining, it can last for years and withstand whatever the great British weather throws at it. It will remain smart-looking and functional, potentially for decades, while resisting rot, decay and insect damage.

And if you go for a composite model, there will be even less to do, with no staining or similar treatment needed.

  • The eco-friendly choice

Because real wood is sustainable and renewable, it is the environmentally friendly option.

Finally, the other great thing about decking is that if you do have it by the back door, and step out on to it in bare feet, for example, it creates a seamless transition between your indoor space and the outside world.

Decking from AS Landscapes

At AS Landscapes, we provide a bespoke landscape and garden design service for customers across Surrey and Hampshire, Windsor and Ascot. Our services include high-quality installation of composite and timber decking.

We’ve worked in the industry for years, and can help you transform and make the most of your outdoor space. Get in touch today to learn more, and for an initial quote.